All About Comfort

I've tried to become a jeans lover. It's just taking longer than expected. Skirts, dresses...that's easier to wear. I feel more comfortable in those items than in a pair of jeans. Well, something happened a couple months ago. I actually came across a good pair of jeans that are *shocker* comfortable.

Do you know how many pair of jeans that are currently folded on top of a rack in my closet?

*count fingers*

Four. That's including a DIY cut-off shorts (post on that soon) and a pair of distressed jeans from Boohoo that turned out to be way too big. That hurt my soul. So, really really, I only have 2 pair of functional jeans.


But, hey. I can't fool myself. It is what it is. Trying to find the perfect pair of jeans is rare like Mr. Clean with hair (what up, Weezy). So to come across a pair, I gotta hold on to it for dear life, y'know. Or until it's too big or too small. Kinda leaning on the former to happen soon. Because, duh.

Now, this Ava + Viv pair isn't exactly perfect perfect. It claims to be stretch skinny jeans but it's more of stretch straight jeans. Hence, why the hem is folded because left alone it hits the ankles at a weird spot. One feature that's truly appreciated, though, is the high-waist. There should be more stylish jeans that are high-waist. Not everyone's about that at-waist, below the waist life. 

Top: Ashley Stewart
Jeans: Target's Ava + Viv
Heels: Simply Be
Sunglasses: vintage

Since I like this pair so much, might as well look out for something similar, right? Right. So next up on my wish list is distressed. Been a sucker for distressed jeans of late. Hey hey hey hey hey. Look, I may not be a jeans lover but let me admire from afar, okay? Thanks.

Any suggestions on a nice pair of jeans that are high-waist? Help a girl out. Meanwhile, what your favorite jeans at the moment?