The Snooze Bar

Tried the Napping Greyhound drink.

Event: The Snooze Bar
Where: Cady's Alley Bazaar

When one gets an invite to reserve a time slot to eat some waffles, have a drink or two, and then...take a quick nap? Well, you just gotta check the event out.

I mean, the name of the event alone - The Snooze Bar - definitely caught my attention.

The Snooze Bar is a pop-up shop showcasing Casper mattresses. The showroom had a gourmet waffle bar, sleep-themed drinks, a screen printing section to select customized pillow cases thanks to Mesh Prints Studio, Casper mattresses converted into couches, and finally, a couple of makeshift tents housing well-made beds using, of course, Casper mattresses.

Their mattresses are made with premium latex foam and memory foam. No springs! Despite the missing feature, the mattress I laid on was soft, comfortable, bouncy and firm. Two thumbs up.

I took this pillowcase home with me.

If you want to try out Casper, showrooms are located in NYC and LA. And coming soon will be pop-up shops in Austin and San Francisco. 

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Night, night.