Billboard Music Awards '15

Kendall Jenner in Balmain x H&M
Yep, you read that right.
The big news yesterday night was the announcement of  H&M's latest designer collab.
Balmain x H&M will be in stores November 5.
Meanwhile, this jacket was definitely inspired by the one Gwen wore a few years back.
Also a Balmain.

Last night's telecast of the Billboard Music Awards 2015 was only enjoyable because of Twitter. The entertainment aspect of the show was alright.

Chrissy Teigen and Ludacris were the hosts. Chrissy is a Sports Illustrated model but she's making the most out of it by becoming a very popular online presence. I find her truly annoying. Okay, more like, she tends to not know when to dial it back just a smidge. But she's probably thinking, hey, if this is what folks like of me, lemme give it to them...and crank it up even more. Luda surprised me by being very, very robotic on stage. I'm just gonna tack it as him being very, very nervous. Some of the performances were okay. The last performance of the night, however, was memorable. But for the wrong reasons. You see, Kanye decided he was just going rap behind/inside some pyrotechnic smoke. He never left that smoke. I don't know how it looked inside the venue but for us at home, we could barely see 'Ye and whoever he performed with because I did see two other images that looked like humans. Nope, all we got was his silhouette. Then whoever was holding down the censorship fort over at ABC had way too much fun with the button because 99.9% of his performance (he did two songs) was bleeped out. I have never laughed so hard at a performance. Really, though, the whole thing was pointless.

Anywho, red carpet time. Let's begin.

Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi
Ms. Z looked okay. But...
Didn't care much for this look.
The print isn't wow-ing me. I wished the top was more cropped then bralette.
The look called for strappy shoes. And are those leggings?!
Her makeup and hairdo is nice, though.

Tori Kelly
Yay for Tori!
From a rejected Idol contestant to YouTube star to doing a great job on stage at the awards show.
Her dress is okay. Maybe in a more vibrant color it would've made a statement.

Tyshere "Yazz" Grey (l) and Jussie Smollet (r)
My boys! Minus (fine-ass) one.
They, along with Estelle, gave some energetic performances.
Style wise, I'm seeing a couple of blah monochromatic looks.

Olivia Culpo (l) in Elie Saab and Nick Jonas (r)
For such a cute jumpsuit, it deserved a much better styling.
Her hair is too severe. Not the right choice for the earrings. The shoes are cute but does it go with the romper? Ehh.
Nick is wearing a suit with a bunch of ruching. Nah.
Thankfully, his latest album is still amazing.
Yes. Listen to his album. One of the better pop/r&b showings in the past two years.

Taylor Swift in Balmain
My Tay Tay.
Folks really loved her jumpsuit.
But I believe it's doing horrible things to her figure. And that hair style is seriously aging her.
Meanwhile, she debuted her latest music video, Bad Blood, featuring a whole rack of cameos.
It was good.

Mariah Carey in Tom Ford
Surprised she wasn't rockin' a large butterfly ring.
Or is she finally past that phase.
Anywho, the dress is okay. The shoes are blah. The hair is outdated.
Her performance was a bit of a struggle. But that's expected.
But remember that this woman right here had HITS. HIT RECORDS.

Jennifer Lopez in Charbel Zoe
JLo is chugging right along towards the Basic stop.
I mean, when will she let go of these dresses?

Rita Ora in Fausto Puglisi
While walking on stage to present the next award, Rita made sure to control the side split that just wanted to be let free.
Why wear a split that high if all you're gonna do is hold it down while walking?
What's the point?
Anywho, the dress looks like scraps pinned together with wall adornments.

Fifth Harmony
This group is recognizable to me only because of The X Factor (RIP).
Anytime I see them on the red carpet, it baffles me how disjointed they appear.
Not to say the girls should dress alike to signify them as a group.
But just, I don't know, coordinate a bit.

Taraji P. Henson in Henson Gaultier
Prom season is over but that hasn't stopped me from thinking that a girl out there wishes she wore this to her final school dance.
Well, depending if the school doesn't have any restrictions whatsoever.
Also seeing that tattoo peering from the
photos c/o Hollywood Life, BET

Did you watch the show or catch the red carpet on E! channel? Thoughts?