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What: The Beach Exhibition

It's been a while since I've last documented a trip to a museum. If you've been a long-time reader of this lil' ol' blog, you may have noticed that visiting a museum is one of my favorite pastimes.

Let me tell you how I've always driven by this massive red building located near downtown DC not knowing it was a museum much less the freakin' National Building Museum. D'oh. 

The National Building Museum transformed their Great Hall into a 10,000 sq. ft. beach experience. The water is clear plastic balls, the sand is made with soft foam, and there's even a shoreline with white beach chairs and white umbrellas. The concept is a collaboration with Snarkitecture.

My sister, channeling her cheerleading days, flipped from the shoreline to the water.
This was the ending result.

We walked inside The Beach exhibition, took off our shoes, and headed towards the grand white ocean of balls. My word was it hard navigating through the 'water'. The next day, my body was all kinds of sore. But, wait, why did I immediately see the 'water' and got shook? Because I'm actually afraid of water. Which is weird because I love heading to a beach and chillin' by the water. I like sitting at the edge and dipping my toes inside a swimming pool. I want my future home to be by any kind of water - man-made lake, real lake, ocean, etc. But to actually get into the water? Yeah, I freak out a lot before actually doing the deed. So here I was freaking out over some fake water. SHAME!

Denim Shirt: thrift
Jeans: Ava + Viv (Target)
Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim x Target
Flats: Simply Be

The Beach will be at the National Building Museum until September 7. It's for all ages (clearly). Don't miss out!