Bad Boy. Come Out and Play.

Ciara in Wes Gordon

Aaah. The 2015 BET Awards. "But where's the recap, Vivi", you ask. Or not. Well, as I stated last year in my very first BET Awards recap post, it's mainly about the red carpet for me when it comes to giving a next day commentary. Y'know, bridging the game between fashion and entertainment. Unfortunately, this year's offering was all kinds of meh. Except for Ciara. Maybe. But, yeah, I was not inspired do a proper recap.

BUT I can talk a lil' bit about the show itself. As usual, it was highly entertaining. Really, for the past 5+ years, maybe even longer, the BET Awards has been my favorite music awards show. Followed closely by the BET Hip-Hop Awards. I'm dead-ass serious, too. Anywho, Kendrick opened the show with one of my favorite songs this year (so far), Alright. There was a Janet Jackson dance tribute done by Ciara, Tinashe, and Jason Derulo that turned out okay. Janet appeared afterwards to collect her Icon award. Big Sean's performance was really good. As was the Smokey Robinson tribute that consisted of Tori Kelly (!!), Ne-Yo (!!!), and Robin Thicke. After accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award, Smokey gave his sermon speech ("And for you to become hearty and self-absorbed because millions of people around the world, most of them you'll never know or never meet, love's so ridiculous.") before blessing us with some of his hit records.

However, the grand performance of the night had to be the Bad Boy tribute. I was dancing up a storm while simultaneously tweeting my excitement. It was that real. So many memories during the Bad Boy reign. If you didn't know, know it now - I stan hard for Puffy. Puffy the Entertainer. Puffy the Musician/Producer. Puffy the Businessman. I truly respect his work. For the tribute, he brought along Mase, 112, The Lox, Faith Evans, and - surprise! - Lil' Kim. Oh, yeah, and Puffy falls...and he got right the fuck back up like nothing happened. Cause he's that dude.