VMAs '15

Keltie Knight in Gabriela Cadena
Only last night I even knew this The Insider host even existed.
Lovely dress. The textures! The prints!
Oh the MTV Video Music Awards. Oh how you continue to descend into sloppiness each year. Oh how desperate you've become wanting - feenin' - for some watercooler moments. I mean, isn't that why Ms. Destiny Hope (Miley) Cyrus was the host?

A few notes before I dive into the red carpet:
  • Truly, Miley Cyrus is hands down the worst host of this awards show in quite some time. I'm talking about worst than The Wayans Brothers. And that's an achievement to topple over that duo. Because they were cringe-worthy bad. Y'know, Miley actually strikes me as someone who's a cool girl behind closed doors. But when that limelight hits her face, whewww, she goes into try-hard-desperation-i-reek-of-wanting-attention-people-gotta-talk-about-me-the-next-day mode. It's exhausting. It's absolutely exhausting. One of my pet peeves are folks who fishes for compliments, fishes for attention, neediness. It's, like, chill. Her skits weren't funny. None of her jokes were funny. Also, her closing number was all about weed and having a good time like she's the originator of it or something. Girl, bye.
  • "Miley, what's good?" After thanking her...pastor...,Nicki transformed into gully mode, calling out Miley for the comments she made recently about Nicki's anger on not getting a Best Video nomination for, of all videos, Anaconda. Miley held her own, congratulating Nicki on the award but also shading her in process. Whole time I'm thinking this was all in joke mode. Come to find out, it was forreal. Weird (and extremely hilarious.)
  • No performance stood out to me. My boo thang Nick Jonas performed but his new song is going to take a while for it grow on me. Justin Beiber made a "comeback" on stage and proceeded to cry. And while my girls Demi Lovato and Tori Kelly can sing their asses off, the songs performed weren't that exciting. Ah well.
  • The main reason my interest level was on high for this year's telecast was because of Kanye West. He was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Based on past honorees, usually an extended performance is given before accepting the award. Nope. That didn't happen this year. Instead, we get one of Kanye's most strangest speeches he's ever given. After Taylor Swift presented him with the award (officially ending the "beef" that started 6 years ago on that very stage), Kanye started talking. Lots of 'bros' being said, lots of pauses, lots of nonsensical sayings with everything leading up to his 'mic drop' moment: announcing he's running for president in 2020. Dude, whatever at this point. I'm just here for your music. Which you didn't give us last night. So I'm still pissed.
Alrighty, let's talk fashion.

Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa
Please someone slap me because I like this dress.
A lot is going on, yes, bu-bu-but it works.
However, a nay to the 'do.
FKA Twigs in Atelier Versace
Plenty of cut-outs and sheer but she looks good.
I like how she constantly switches up her look yet remains herself.
Katie Stevens
This is a perfect example of knowing what to wear to a certain event.
Because wearing a sequin fitted ballroom gown to the freakin' VMAs is not it.
This American Idol alum looks very pretty. But definitely out of place.
Nicki Minaj in Labourjoisie
She looks gorgeous.
Overdone, way too much, but gorgeous.
I wished the dress was in a vibrant color.
Pharrell Williams in Neighborhood jacket with wife, Helen Lasichanh
Canadian Tuxedo in full effect.
I mean, it works for them.
Don't understand why her right boot got the black shoe ties while the left red.
Fashion, I guess.
Taylor Swift in Ashish
No, Tay-Tay. No.
And to make the outfit worst, she dons the most mismatched shoes ever.
Kelly Osbourne
For someone who prides herself as this fashion critic, she totally missed the mark on this outfit.
A baggy pinstripe wide leg sheer pantsuit?
Kim Kardashian in Balmain and Kanye West wearing AdidasYeezy Boost 350
He continues with his over-sized grey sweatsuit phase...
...and she continues to not know how to dress her pregnant body.
Miley Cyrus in Versace
Say one nice thing about this picture.
Thankfully, her tongue is inside her mouth revealing a nice smile.
I tried.