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Another DC wish has been tacked off my DC to-do list: visit Gravelly Point Park.

My Mom claims that she used to take us (being me and my siblings) to this park when we were little kids. Hey, maybe she did. But I've never seen photos of us doing so and my Mom is a huge taking pictures person. Hmmm. 

Anywho, I've been itching to check out this place where you can experience being in near contact with a plane that's completing its approach to landing. This was a spur of the moment visit. I was driving on George Washington Parkway coming from Arlington (VA), saw the sign leading to the park, and drove in. For someone who experiences high anxiety when flying, I thought to myself, well, maybe seeing the plane in action may calm my nerves a bit...? Look. I tried. 

However, it did give me a rush. Imagine just standing in the middle of this green field seeing a plane coming towards you at high speed? There were plenty of times I felt like the plane may have been flying a little tooclose for comfort over the field. But, honestly, it makes sense. Gravelly Point is really meant to be the beginning of a landing strip at DCA. I'm convinced. And us folks standing on the field that early, beautiful afternoon, straining our necks upwards to gawk at these speeding planes flying over us were just playing with our own lives.

Nothing fanciful since I was basically running errands that morning.
But, still. Liked my outfit.
Also, please excuse my dear squint-y eyes. Blame the wind and blazing sun.
T-Shirt: Ava + Viv, Target
Skirt: Thrift via Value Village
Bag: Kate Spade
Sandals: Torrid