Brown Girls Love Empowerment Brunch

Over the weekend, Christina of LownBrownSugar hosted a brunch event at Ardeo + Bardeo in DC. Yesterday's post was about my look. Today's the recap.

I've always been a fan of Christina's work most especially the Style Influencers network and the #BrownGirlsLove movement on Instagram. Plus, we bumped into each other while covering the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball II red carpet almost three years ago. 

While enjoying our bottomless cocktails and two course meals, Christina gave us tips on how she's been able to maneuver her way from working for the likes of BET Networks, Honey magazine, VIBE magazine, etc. to establishing herself as a social media specialist and digital media maven while maintaining a couple of very popular blogs. She points out that her six year journey has had its ups and downs but one thing that remained constant were the great relationships forged along the way. In other words - network, network, network.

And she's serious about networking, too. As our icebreaker, we had to introduce ourselves to 4 people we didn't know and ask them the following: name, occupation, reason for attending, and favorite brown girl. Now attending events for the past 5 years because of this blog has helped me overcome my shyness a bit. But, still. That lil' icebreaker game gave me some serious chills. But I survived. Even our Instagram information was exchanged, which I initiated. What I should've done was to give them my business card. Oops. After the icebreaker, we still had to introduce ourselves to everyone in the room. Some folks stood up while stating their information. A few others, like myself, stayed glued to their seats. And at least one person forgot to mention her effin' lifestyle blog during her introduction and, feeling quite embarrassed, had to ask for permission from the next person introducing herself if she could quickly ramble off the name of her blog (That would be me. D'oh!)

Christina's still the same person I remembered since our last interaction - warm and friendly with a winsome smile. I truly enjoyed her event and can't wait for next year's installment.