Knock on Wood

My watch collection is quite nice but none of the watches are as unique as the JORD watch. Why? Well, because it's made out of wood.

That's right. Wood.

Now, don't be too alarmed. One would think of a wood watch and immediately start wincing in pain, "My poor wrist." I know I did. But then it arrived, in a wooden box (but, of course). It looks heavy but it's so not heavy. It's damn near weightless. Honestly, some of my stainless steel watches are heavier than the JORD watch.

I've been on the lookout to inject some color into my collection so this was my opportunity to scour the website and find something to my liking, which I did - Sully Red  Sandalwood & Maple Watch. It's definitely a statement piece. But I also got, like, a casual preppy vibe. Hence why I wore it with the fuzzy cardigan, a funky print blouse, and some oxfords. It'll be a challenge to dress up the watch but I'm gonna give it a try.

JORD prides itself in using some of the best wood textures to create beautiful, modern, stylish watches for women and men.  To make sure you get the correct wrist size, the JORD website suggests to use a tape measure or to download their Jord Wrist Sizer. The selected watch was a bit too oversized but that was my fault. Even with the Jord Wrist Sizer as a guide, I didn't measure correctly. Luckily, the technician at my local watch shop was able to remove the links with no problem at all.

Hop on over to JORD to view more stunning watches. Hopefully, you'll find a nice watch for yourself or as a gift for someone. Christmas is around the corner.