Fall Back

I really gotta do a better job of telling you guys when I decide to take a blog break. But the problem is that my breaks are never ever planned. It just...happens.

My bad, yo.

The most recent style post on my blog was also a birthday shout-out to myself. It was a pretty great weekend. As mentioned, my close friend had an extra ticket to the White House Fall Garden Tour. Later that day, brunch'd our asses off at Teddy and the Bully Bar. Few days later, my sister surprised me with a ticket to the Kendrick Lamar x NSO (National Symphony Opera) concert! The long weekend ended with a pretty chill birthday. 

Per usual, I didn't dress up for Halloween. Like, I celebrate the 'holiday' but when it comes to finding an outfit or putting one together so last minute, goodness, my laziness comes through. Case in point, my sad attempt of going goth. Wow. I miss that skirt. Why did I give it away? Anywho, went to the Bullets Wizards home opener against the Knicks. The home team lost but internally I was happy because my boo, Melo, won. After the game, my sister invited me to her friend's wife's 40th birthday party. That was a lot of fun! Then the most random thing happened. Well, two. First, finding out that the wife went to our high school back in Nigeria. And second, the husband surprised her with a musical guest. One of her favorite R&B singers. Carl Thomas. It didn't register that he was the one. Y'know. Folks age. My sister's friend kept saying, "That is not Carl Thomas", all the while Summer Rain was being performed to us. I think it was when he performed I Wish I Never Met Her that it finally hit her. 

Heart, Print & Style

Meanwhile, don't sleep on purchasing items via Instagram. The dress and the miniature purse were purchases from Stylish Curves and I am She Global, respectively.

Check back here tomorrow for recap of the Kendrick Lamar concert. It was everything and more.