AMAs '15

Selena Gomez in Givenchy
Best dressed.
Which wasn't hard to select since everyone came out doing the most.
Absolutely love the color of the dress. 
My only nitpick is whatever is going on around the arms. Looks like ribbons wrapped around faux dreadlocks.

Yesterday was the American Music Awards and I wasn't able to watch it live. However, planning to do so later on today thanks to that good ol' DVR. Who knows, I may come back to edit this post with a legit recap. Well, I can say a lil' something something about Pentatonix because, duh. I wasn't patient enough to wait (thanks, YouTube). The Star Wars franchise does absolutely nothing for me. It would've been cooler if Pentatonix had the chance to perform one of their original songs from the recently released Pentatonix. Ah well.  Despite this, they did a great job...even with the orchestra overpowering their voices during the second half of the performance.
Fashion time!

I wasn't impressed with the red carpet. At all. I'm all for folks having fun with fashion. Ain't nothing wrong with taking risks. And what better time to take risks than at the AMAs. No matter how much AMAs wants to take itself seriously, clearly no one else does.  But some of the results were so eye-roll worthy. Like, come on.

Ashley Benson in Max Azria Atelier
I contemplated adding Ashley's look to this post. 
It's something to look at and yet it's not really a showstopper. Some may even say it's boring. 
Really, it's subtle with a loud color. Speaking of color, great pick especially for this time of the year.

 Rebel Wilson in Eloquii
Another great choice in color for this upcoming holiday season. Love me some metallic.
The hairdo works. The slightly off silver heels and glow-in-the-dark pink clutch does not.

 Demi Lovato in Lorena Sarbu
Gorgeous dress. Instead of the original neckline, I could see it more as an off-the-shoulder.
Not feelin' the retro hair do. It doesn't fit her face. Make up is on point, though. Love it.

Zendaya in Emanuel Ungaro
Nah, homie. Just nah.
This has to be Nigerian lace. I'm convinced.
In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if I see Naija girls rockin' this as their next asheobi look. Because, inspiration.
Also, she sure does love herself some pink.
I can't believe she'll be 20 next year. Time flies, yo.

Nick Jonas in Topman
Nick's style continues to amuse and frustrate me at the same damn time.
Why does he always feel the need to wear clothing one size too small?
Just go up a size, dude. Please.
I like the all grey look. He should've worn grey or silver shoes, too. Might as well, right?

Gwen Stefani in Yousef Al-Jasmi
My style icon made me sad.
Is this what dating Blake Shelton will do to ya?
The hair is a no. The oversized ruffles are a no. The sheer train is an absolute no. 
Did she botox her lips?

Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan
Kendall did this first.
I will say the print is nice. The earrings are also a nice touch. 
Why not go with a middle part hairdo instead of whatever is happening on top of her head. It looks like a horrible wig. 
Plus the hair color is a horrible match against her skin.
Wrong lip color.

Gigi Hadid in Bao Tranchi
She's so tacky to me. Every time I see her on the red carpet, I see tackiness.
The top can easily be seen on a female WWE wrestler. 

Ciara in Reem Acra
I see where she was going, especially when you factor the hairstyle. This has a martial arts appeal to it.
But everything is coming off as "Been there, done that." 
She could do much better.
She has done much better.

Carrie Underwood in Elie Madi
Oh boy.
You know homegirl was feeling herself.
I mean, you have to be with sparkly cape flutter sleeves and an attached sparkly tail train. 
But even when she tries to take risks it still reeks of boring.
She really needs to embrace color. Of any kind.

Should I watch the show? Anything worthy that I really need to see? What did I miss?