Rwanda Path to Peace

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace program.

The program came to be when Macy's partnered with Rwandan weavers to bring their intricately custom-made baskets into Macy's stores. In doing so, the weavers began to enjoy a sustainable income that not only helps themselves but also their families. You see, the weavers are from the Hutu and Tutsi tribes and some were survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide that massacred well over 1 million Rwandans within three months. Path to Peace, a "trade not aid" program, realized how vital of a tool their program was because of the fostering reconciliation between Hutu and Tutsi women.

I'm a sucker for hand-made products. Kid you not but when the Brown and Green Fruit Basket arrived, I couldn't stop touching it. My eyes kept roaming around the precise weaving, trying to figure out where the starting point began. Knowing that a fellow African woman created a product with such immense detailing and flawless finishing amazed me.  Each basket is made from sisal and sweet grass. And their weaving technique is a process that has been passed on for generations. Here's a video of what goes down when weaving a Path to Peace basket - How to Weave Handmade Baskets.

Rwanda Brown and Green Fruit Basket
For the last 10 years, Macy's customers have taken a liking to the Rwandan weavers' baskets. For sure these baskets have been used in so many ways. My initial plan was to use the basket as a centerpiece for my side table. A place for my everyday items. But since my side table is filled up, I have to use it another way. So I plan to hang it on my wall. Yep. This basket is about to be, literally, a work of art.

These beautifully crafted baskets retail for $30-$60 at Macy's. That'll make for a pretty awesome holiday gift. And the best part? No matter if the baskets are on sale or coupons were used, it doesn't affect the weavers' earnings.

Learn more about the history of Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace:

To know more about Janet Nkubana, who runs the Rwanda Path to Peace program in Kigali, click here.

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