We Gon' Be Alright

Oh how sad I was when my sister called to tell me that, nope, she wasn't able to get the Kendrick Lamar x NSO tickets taking place at the Kennedy Center because it was released a day before to its members and completely sold out.

Pissed. Devastated. Bummed. Highly pissed. 

But a miracle happened the day of the concert. 

I went!

So. On what was a lovely Oct. 20 evening, the plan was to hookah it up with some good friends and my sister at Chi Cha Lounge for my pre-birthday. While preparing to leave, I had no clue that my sister was in a back-n-forth text conversation with her friend regarding two extra tickets she had in her possession. And on our way to Chi Cha Lounge, my sister dropped the surprise news that she was able to purchase the tickets from said friend and we're heading to the Kennedy Center in less than 2 hours. I was like, fuck. What kind of lucky shit is this? Hey, no complaints.

My friends understood why we had to cut it short which sort of bummed me out (just a bit) because we all were having a great time.

NSO Pops, Kennedy Center
Kennedy Center

To Pimp a Butterfly is one of my favorite albums this year. The production is top notch. So knowing that Kendrick was going to perform this album with the freakin' National Symphony Orchestra backing him blew my mind. And, honestly, it was a perfect match. I was kind of worried that it would be slightly tamed down but nope, it still had a concert feel but in a classy setting. The crowd (mostly dressed to the nines; my sis and I felt a little under dressed because we had no clue that our evening would stop us at the Kennedy Center) was practically standing throughout. Dancing, rapping along with Kendrick, taking photos, recording performances. It was awesome.

Kennedy Center
Kendrick Lamar x NSO Pops

After giving us a show for almost 1.5 hrs, Kendrick thanked the crowd and left with the conductor. It dawned on us that, hey, he didn't performed Alright. Oh hell no. We were not having it. In unison, there were a mixture of "Encore!" and "KEN. DRICK. KEN. DRICK" and "AL. RIGHT. AL. RIGHT" cries. Mr. Lamar heard our weeping and he, along with the conductor, bounded back on stage for a rousing performance of Alright. Look. That song continues to get me in my feelings. It's so powerful. I have to listen to it at least 5 times straight. No joke.

Kendrick and me and my sister, Zi
Black Turtleneck: Old Navy
Sleeveless Kimono: Avenue
Distressed Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Flats: Simply Be

Once again, thanks to my sister for an unbelievable evening.