dc plus size style

Welcome to 2016, folks.

It has been 4 days. How you feelin'?

As stated in my 2015 recap, I have no idea what's in store for Heart, Print & Style this year. It's almost like I'm taking a 'que sera sera' approach. Which can go left pretty damn quickly. So to decrease the chances of this blog making a wrong turn, I hope to put in the work, consistent work, to give you guys great content to view, read, and share. 

The Awakening Statue

My plan for today is to create a '16 vision board. I did one last year and it really guided me through some aspects of my life. However, there were some days/months that went by without even a glance at the board. Thinking about it now, that was strange considering the board was mounted right above my jewelry/accessories table. And not a day goes by without a watch on my wrist or earrings on my ears. So my mistake was not implementing a progress report, say monthly or quarterly, to check my ass in place. Well, there'll definitely be one this time around.

Finally (and unfortunately), the blistery cold weather has crept back into the DC area. Winter, I see you! The El Nino system really had us spoiled over here. Please take me back to the weather in these photos. Sunny with manageable temperature at the National Harbor. Forced Val and Ola to take a ride with me on the Capital Wheel. They ended up enjoying the experience. The good ol' days...that happened last month.

Sleeveless Vest - Adam Lippes for Target
Mesh Sweater - Old Navy
Faux Leather Leggings - Torrid
Booties - Simply Be
Sunglasses - Sunglass Spot

Till next time.