Bands a Make Her Dance

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Your thighs need some tender lovin' care, too.

There was something I purposely didn't mention in the Roots Picnic style post. Mainly because I felt the subject didn't need to be added. Anywho, I did a lot of walking that day. Which is a given when dealing with music festivals. The following day, my inner thighs were burning. My dumb ass thought it was because of the walking; soreness, that sorta thing. But, oh no. It was so much more - chafing thigh bruises. Something I've never ever experienced. Was it  because of the shorts riding up in between my thighs while I was walking for so long? Maybe. Who knows. But those bruises were painful! Of course, I took care of the bruises with the right treatments but it took a while for them to fade away. 

That's why anytime I look at the Bandelettes bands I'm like, where were you on that fateful day? However, knowing me, even if I owned a pair, I probably wouldn't have put them on. That's how the mind works when you've never experienced something. You start thinking you're immune to it.

Black Onyx
Bandelettes: Black Onyx in Size E
Bandelettes are anti-chafing decorative thigh bands. It comes in different colors and styles. The bands are elastic with non-slip silicone. And it's true with the non-slip aspect because I've worn mine so many times and those bad boys stuck on to my thighs. As long as you measure your thigh correctly, you should come away with a perfectly sized Bandelette, which comes in sizes A-F. 

So far, I've worn the bands underneath skirts and dresses. I've paired it with black tights, too, for a different style element. The comfort level is good. When first worn, it took a while for me to get used to something being around my thighs, what with the silicone and the material (Note: it's not itchy). But over time, wearing the bands became a bit easier. The big takeaway here is, of course, no more chafing bruises.

Bandelettes can be discreet given the length of the skirt.
For a little bit of oomph, wear Bandelettes with a pair of black tights.
Worn underneath a shorter skirt, it'll appear like you're wearing thigh highs.
Feeling sexy while your thighs are pain free. Always a plus.

The fairly inexpensive bands ($11.99-$15.99) are there to save your thighs from agony. Stay ahead of the game and get a pair of Bandelettes.