High and Higher

"Hearts of fire create love desire. Take you high and higher to the world you belong."

Felt high off seeing Pentatonix standing alongside the great Stevie Wonder on the Grammys stage.

Both musical acts were there to give a special tribute to Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, who passed away exactly two weeks ago today. The song? That's the Way of the World.  I was in heaven. Listening to Stevie belt out those high riffs like it was nothing. Mitch (dude sportin' the shaved head with a sleek tiny ass bun on top) hitting that high note so effortlessly. And immediately hearing someone in the audience yelp out a high WOO! in appreciation. This performance gave me the most cheesiest smile in the world.

I'm so proud of my babies (and Stevie Wonder, of course).

Watch below: