Spring Trend #2 - Off The Shoulder

plus size maxi dress

This Spring, it's all about exposing your shoulders so you can be able to dust them off.

Or something like that.

plus size off the shoulder

The 2nd trend we're tackling is Off The Shoulder aka Bardot. Although to some people, what I'm wearing may be considered cold shoulder. Even ASOS called it such here. Whatever, though. Those straps are thin and damn near 99% of my shoulders are exposed. It's off the shoulder, dammit. Okay, okay. The cold shoulder trend is for those that want to show off their shoulders but still have some coverage in that area. Next time this is worn, the shoulder straps will be hidden so it can truly be an off the shoulder dress.

plus size bardot maxi dress
Dress: ASOS
Shades: Sunglass Spot
Wedges: Torrid
Bracelet Watch: Guess
Similar to the all white trend, off the shoulder/bardot has been quite popular for the past couple of years. With this dress, in particular, I'm tackling another trend - '70s.  My favorite features are the adjustable straps and the open back with a single strap. Plus it has some oomph. That's the appeal of the bardot/off the shoulder style - it brings an automatic sexiness to your look. 

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