Spring Trend #1 - White

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When it comes to wearing white, I have it in button down shirts or blouses or tees. I don't own any white skirt or pants. There's a kimono jacket hanging in my closet, though.  I used to have a pair of white jeans. And just recently copped a sleeveless vest. Hmmm...oh yeah...and a dress that I've had for more than 5 years (seen here...a good ol' YIKES! at the photo quality). So, yep, I am that person that stays struggling to find an all white outfit to wear to an all white party. It was way overdue to add another white item to my scanty collection. 

What drew me to the ASOS Curve Shirt Dress was how comfortable it looked. Thankfully, it's roomy, lightweight, and very easy to put on and remove. If you ever decide to purchase it, and really you should, be mindful of what you wear underneath because it has a semi-sheer finish. Also, due to the soft fabric, the shirt dress rumples pretty darn easily. But, hey, it's a still a great item.

Plus Size
Shirt Dress: ASOS Curve
Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot
Heels: Ashley Stewart

Now for something exciting - I'm teaming up with ChiChi (Supple Chic), Ola (Road to Fashionable), and Val (Fashion on a Curve) for a Spring Lookbook collaboration. For the next two weeks, we'll show you four trends to hopefully bring some inspiration into your Spring style. The great thing about this lookbook collaboration is seeing the four trends styled in four different ways on four different body shapes.

First up: White. Granted, wearing an AWE (All White Everything) look isn't something new. But it seems for the past couple of years it continues to pop up as a very popular Spring trend. Personally, I like seeing AWE during the colder seasons.

Plus Size Spring Lookbook
(l-r) Road to Fashionable, Fashion on a Curve, Supple Chic, and some lady.

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