SoCal Trip: LA

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Urban Light, Chris Burden
Once my San Diego trip came to an end, I hopped on Amtrak for a 2.5hr journey to the City of Angels aka L.A. aka Los Angeles.

While there, I managed to check out some outside artwork at LACMA and Wende Museum. Totally wished I had time to check out both places during their opening hours. Ate at Bottega Louie. Took a nice walk up and down Hollywood Boulevard seeing on the way Hollywood & Highland Center, TCL Chinese Theatre, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Definitely was on the lookout for famous names like the Backstreet Boys.

Enjoy the rest of the photos:

Urban Light, Chris Burden
Wende Museum
Berlin Wall Segments at Wende Museum
A Master Chef commercial shoot.
Got there just in time to see a potential contestant (Or maybe just a random they found on the street. You never know with Hollywood) yelp, "My name is _____ from DC and I'M THE NEXT MASTER CHEF!" Naturally, I whooped for him because, DC.
No Gordon Ramsey sighting, though. Bummer.
Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood & Highland Center
Hollywood and Highland
If you're not up for taking a Griffith Observatory hike to see the infamous Hollywood sign up close, you can view it from the 4th floor at the Center. 
Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Boulevard
TCL Chinese Theatre
Strike a Pose. W Hollywood 'Red Carpet'

It was cool to finally visit LA. Can't believe it took me this long, honestly.

Next up: outfit post in Beverly Hills.