SoCal Trip: San Diego

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As mentioned in my previous post, I was in vacation mode. Made my way out to California. But instead of my usual destination to the Bay Area (specifically San Francisco and Oakland), I went further down south.

First stop was San Diego to visit Dionna of Made Me Pretty

I miss leaving my workplace to drive less than 2 minutes to her house to chillax, take each other's photos and for me to be semi-scared of her cat Shadows (Real name: Butterscotch aka Butters. But for some odd reason the first time I laid my eyes on her cat, I just decided to call him Shadows.) This past December, Dionna upped and left the DC area life for the beautiful San Diego life.

Harbor Island 
Children's Pool in La Jolla
It was a very short trip but we made the most of it. Took in the skyline from Harbor Island. Went for happy hour at C Level Lounge. Drove about 20 minutes to La Jolla for breakfast at The Cottage. From there, took a 5-7 minute walk to Children's Pool to check out the wonderful world of seals. Folks are allowed to get in the ocean, swim in the ocean, lay on the beach, and get oh so personal with the seals. However, Dionna and I were like naaahhh. We were fine right on top of the seawall.

Also, I learned a valuable lesson to have my passport on me when on vacation in the States. Because that lil' blue book would have been my entry to Mexico which, apparently, is just an easy ride from San Diego. Who knew? D'oh.

Enjoy the rest of the photos:

Dress: ASOS
Sandals: Torrid
Bag: Forever 21
Rafeal Lopez artwork in front of Coasterra

Thanks to Sweet Baby Jesus for granting me the opportunity to treat myself to a Canon DSLR for Christmas/New Year's. While I heart my Samsung Galaxy Note and appreciate its photo quality, nothing beats the crispness of a DSLR photo.

Next up: LA.