Cordially Delighted

Well, that was a lot of fun. 

I had a great time hosting the ModCloth IRL shopping event with Dani this past weekend. 

ModCloth truly caters to every women because I definitely saw ladies of all shapes and sizes ready to drop some serious cash on retro style dresses, quirky accessories, unique home decor items, and stylish footwear. And as stated in my previous post, the concept behind ModClothIRL is for their customers to shop at the pop-up shop, try on the apparel, and have it shipped to their home for free.

Also, we were overjoyed to see some of our friends come through to support (and shop as well.)

For the event, I wanted wear something that screamed "ModCloth!" so I chose the Cordially Delighted Dress. Reading the reviews, customers either wore the dress as a daytime look or for an special occasion or as a bridesmaid dress. It's that versatile. The detailing is everything because, I don't know if you've noticed, there's a bit of pattern mixing going on with the stripes and crochet lace. Plus how cute is the collar, tho? Seriously, the dress may have a lot going on but it doesn't come off being too much. 

Now, you would think I would let the dress do all the talking, right? Not go too overboard with the styling? And I sort of did take that route with the simple multi ankle strap sandals and yellow drop earrings with gold trim. However, there had to be a pop of bright color added somewhere. So, I put my crochet braids in a high bun and tied a Lilly Pulitzer x Target scarf around my head, making sure the ends were into a bow. 

Cordially Delighted Dress
Sandals: Torrid
Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer x Target
Watch: Michael Kors