Faux Wrap

dc plus size style

I've always wanted a better showcase of this beautiful Avenue maxi dress purchased two years ago. Because the first showing? It was okay but the inside lighting was not up to par.

Thanks to Carletta G Photography, my wish was granted.

Dress: Avenue
Heels: New Look
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: thrift

Carletta and I met years ago on a beautiful online social networking platform called Twitter. At that time, she was running her style blog. Even though we have wildly different opinions on celebrities styles, we still grew to appreciate each other's commentary. Believe it or not, we officially met face-to-face last year at Elle's brunch party. Craziness. Especially given we live roughly 25 minutes away from each other. Such is life.

Anywho, I'm glad we finally - FINALLY - got together for this photoshoot. Carletta loves style/fashion but her true passion is photography. It showed throughout our shoot. She was absolutely giddy taking my photos which confused me because I know I'm not that great of a poser. Which reminds me, Carletta was very patient with my non-posing ass. Anywho, she said my confusion was valid because she gets the same confused reaction from all of her clients. 

Carletta G Photography