DC Luxury Apartment Complex

You know how some folks just have that lucky streak? The person in your life that steady wins a radio contest or a giveaway contest or money prizes. I know quite a few. Damn. Teach me your winning ways, though, I say to them. I'm not one of those lucky streak people. I don't fall into that category. Well, I feel like I don't fall into that category.

But on some random ass day in some random ass month, Ms. Lucky Luck stops by. I'm sure she felt pity and was like, "Hey. You know what? It's your turn."

Morgan gave me the heads up about Arris, a new luxury apartment complex in DC, running a contest called "Make Your Statement". I could enter the contest either on Instagram or Facebook. All that was needed from me was an uploaded photo showing how I make a statement in DC, making sure to use their contest hashtag. Easy peasy. Did alladat and called it day. This happened in June.

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August rolls around. Open up Instagram to start my usual lazy scroll through my feed when I see a notification bubble on my inbox. The notification was from Arris congratulating me as their Grand Prize Winner. My first reaction was confusion because I totally forgot I entered the contest, much less a contest in freakin' June. But, hey, I'm the grand prize winner. Let me soak in that $500 prize.

A couple hours later, I'm at Arris picking up what's mine.

While waiting in the lobby, I came to the decision that I wanted a walking tour of this luxury complex. Because, why not?

Also, it's one of my favorite solo hobbies to do. Seriously, if I'm riding around and see an eye-catching neighborhood, best believe I'm turning into the neighborhood to admire and gawk. I'm fascinated by beautiful places and things. Blame the Libra in me.