Makeovers for a Cause

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Bianca Perez of FN2S Artistry (m), creator and host of Makeovers for a Cause
Also in photo (l-r) Dani, Stephanie, Patty, some girl

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Events geared  towards a good cause always warm me heart. This past weekend, I got to attend Makeovers for a Cause. The cause? IPT Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to educating people on how to prevent Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

DC Makeup Artists
(l-r) Tiffany, Bianca, Will, Malisa, Felicia

You may not know this but I'm a huge YouTube makeup tutorial videos watcher. This lady needs all the makeup tips she can gather because I suck at applying makeup. Truly, honestly. It's just a couple years ago that I started using foundation. And now there are products for sculpting the face and getting the right arch on the eyebrows and perfecting the right glow so when the light hits your side of the face...flawless! Gosh. Typing alladat got me overwhelmed. 

Anywho, I appreciated Makeovers for a Cause: Pop-Up Class because it was like watching multiple live YouTube tutorial videos. The MUA experts on hand were great teachers, giving the *ahem* students the step by step process to finding the right shade of foundation or the correct way to apply a wing liner, and plenty more. Best believe I took a bunch of notes, currently saved in my Evernote.