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Me with the owner of Shobha, Shobha Tummala
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When Shohba made its way into DC in 2013, I missed the opening festivities. A couple weeks ago, the Rockville Pike store opened.

And I made sure to be there.

It helps that this location is less than a 15 min drive from my workplace. Shohba offers the very best in laser, waxing, threading, trimming, and sugaring. In celebration of the Rockville Pike opening, Shohba offered us bloggers in attendance a free service. I kept going back and forth between threading my eyebrows or sugaring my underarms. I went with the latter. 

My sugaring specialist at the event

Never did this sugaring process so in my head I was expecting the specialist to dump a fistful of sugar under my outstretched arm and just rub out the hair. Yep. I definitely thought this. Stop chuckling. Instead, Shobha uses a special kind of hair removal with all-natural ingredients of sugar, lemon juice, water and glycerin. I must admit, the process wasn't too painful. And even after a few weeks, no redness or irritation. Then again, maybe I didn't experience those things because I've been using the Exfoliating Cloth and Ingrown Relief Lotion daily.

Check out Shobha whenever you're in the area. And remember, there are also multiple locations in NYC, as well.