Feeling Like a Stylist

dc plus size style

Last month, Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen, Lerkia of Modage Style, and I worked together as we pulled clothing for Goodwill of Greater Washington's upcoming event, Pepco Pop-Up Shop.

The goal was to have a total of 200 clothing items, men's and women's, each. So, on that balmy Sunday morning, we started off our stylist journey at the Goodwill Rockville. Next up was the Gaithersburg location. A couple of hours in and it was time for a break. We decided to have lunch at Ichiban Sushi in Bowie Town Center, since that's where the Goodwill store is located. Finally ended the day at South Dakota Avenue. We hit up four DC area Goodwill stores: 3 in MD and 1 in DC. Let me tell you how exhausted I was afterwards. Who knew pulling clothes can take your energy like that? Not I. Now, I have even more respect for stylists. This shit ain't easy. What an experience.

I'm totally excited about my selections. Let me backtrack - I'm totally excited about my cute-as-hell personalized tags. Going into each store, my main objective was to rack up as many stylish plus size items as possible. Lots of Fall clothing, too, given it's around the corner (thank you Sweet Baby Jesus). To be able to mark each item chosen with my Heart Print & Style tag was pretty cool.

The Pepco Pop-Up Shop is happening on August 25 and 26 at the Pepco Edison Gallery