So Icy

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Around this time last year, the National Building Museum presented the Beach and I had a grand ol' time. For this year's installation, we experienced something a bit cooler. Literally.

Please welcome ICEBERGS.

*photo heavy post

The icebergs are made out of reusable construction materials and comes in various shapes, designs, and sizes. The highest being 56 feet which reaches the third floor of the museum. Also, you can climb the steps inside of the highest iceberg to get an pretty nice view of the "glacial water" down below. Other activities includes creating your own iceberg, chillin' on lounge pillows shaped like icebergs, and taking a slide down from one the 'bergs.

If you want to get a different experience of the exhibition, I highly recommend going to the Late Night event held on Wednesdays after hours. That's when you see the true effect of being under the glacial water with the icebergs. Basically, everything lits up to an icy blue.

Plus you get to feel like you're in a nightclub thanks to the lighting and the DJ spinning great music. Food and drinks from some of the best DC restaurants are available for purchase. The night I went, it was Hank's Oyster Bar. Their devil eggs and crab cake sandwich were so effin' delicious. 

Getting to see the installation in the late afternoon, sunset, and at night (all on the same day) was pretty nice. 

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For more photos, check out #icebergsdc on Instagram. ICEBERGS will be up until September 5.