Critics' Choice '16

critics choice awards 2016
Janelle Monae in Nicci Hou
Sticking to her tried and true black/white theme...
...but gave us something different with a thigh high split ballroom gown.
Nicely done.

Tis the season for announcing nominations and televising award shows.

Last night was the Critics Choice Awards 2016. Hosted by the recently arrested and released T.J. Miller (no, but forreal, he was arrested like a couple days ago), the 2.5 hrs show was a good one.

Okay, gotta admit. Can't really say much about T.J.'s hosting skills because I pretty much had the show on mute save for a couple of winners' speeches. His acting as on Silicon Valley (yay for their Best Comedy Series win!), I can work with. TJ outside of Silicon Valley, not so much.

Congratulations to Viola Davis, Game of Thrones, Mahershala Ali (I wooped 'Let's go!' so fucking loud liked I watched Moonlight. hahaha. Very much plan on watching the movie, though. Okay, my celebration was for his work on House of Cards and being one of the only good things on Luke Cage), Donald Glover, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and the folks who won because of the show - Sarah Paulson, Sterling K. Brown, and Courtney B. Vance, Ryan Reynolds (Y'know, I'm very happy for his resurgence. Definitely plan on watching Deadpool on his behalf), Regina King, Jane Krakowski, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and Shark Tank.

With alladat outta the way, fashion time!

Evan Rachel Wood in Altazurra
Because it was muted, I didn't hear who won the award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.
Instead, I saw a lady closely resembling Robin Wright get up to accept the award.
So I cheered for Robin. Only it turned out to be Evan.
Still cool. Liked her work on True Blood.
Anywho, this is one sleek ass suit. Loving the karate inspired belt/sash.

critics choice awards 2016
Donald Glover in Burberry
He was surprised to win for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.
I was kinda surprised, too.
But yay for him cause I really like Atlanta.
Diggin' the 70s vibe. The monochromatic touch, too.
Still unsure about the gold necklace.

Mandy Moore in Solace London
Another show I like, okay, scratch that - LOVE - is This is Us.
So, it's only fair that I feature the ladies of the show.
First up, Ms. Mandy 'I Wanna Be With You' Moore.
While the color looks fantastic on her, didn't care much for the dress.

Susan Kelechi Watson in Tadashi Shoji
Next up is Howard alum and owner of an Igbo name even though she's Jamaican, Susan.
As with Mandy's dress, the color is really pretty.
But not here for the design.
Plus the dress reads more like Oscars then Critics Choice, no?
Actually, looks more prom.

Rounding up the ladies of This is Us is Chrissy Metz.
The brown trim is doing no justice to this dress.
In fact, it seriously dates this already vintage inspired dress.

critics choice awards 2016
Sarah Paulson in Vera Wang
Love the pearl detailing on the skirt.
Wouldn't have gone with black heels. Metallic or silver, instead.
She should've ditched the white clutch, too.

Constance Wu in Johanna Ortiz
Very pretty...and not winter season appropriate.
But, who cares.
They're in LA and any state that doesn't experience Fall/Winter weather on the regular gets a pass.
I wished the bottom hem was left plain so the focus could be on the bodice and side ruffle.
The sleeves are perfect.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Zuhair Murad
Such a cute dress. Fits her nicely.
And I'm so here for the casual cornrows.
The whole look has an easy feel despite the dress being a bit fitted and structured.

Viola Davis in Michael Kors
We've seen variations of this dress plenty of times on Viola.
What she does so well is pick the right colors to complement her gorgeous skin.

Michelle Monaghan in Monique Lhullier
As stated before in the last awards show recap, I'm tired of the sheer see my panties trend.
So tired.
And what's with the limp contrasting bow pinned on her stomach?
When trying to be different falls short.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Topshop
Wowza this color is a big ol' nothing.
And clashing horribly with her hair.

Kaley Cuoco in Noon by Noor
She never fails on the red carpet.
And not in a good way.
She sucks on the red carpet.
From the hair, to the tube-with-an-unnecessary-train-top to the yucky pants -
this is a clear example of how not to do monochromatic.

critics choice awards 2016
Bella Thorne in Steven Khalil Couture
My goodness this girl reeks of desperation
And she's only 19.
The reason I say this is because she continues to ram it in our faces that she's 'sexy'.
Or that she can do 'sexy'.
And all I'm doing over here is rolling my eyes so hard.
Okay, one good nice thing.
I like black + silver.

photos c/o The Hollywood Life and Entertainment Weekly