Shimmer It Off

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Off Shoulder Swing Dress: Boohoo (still in stock here)
Ankle Heeled Boots: Sole Diva (still in stock here)
Necklace: gifted

There was a time when I didn't care much for showing off my shoulders. Way back in elementary school when a classmate commented on my 'linebacker shoulders', I've been a wee bit conscious. Lately, however, I've been slowing warming up to giving 'em some exposure. Either going the cold shoulder route or just full on. Similar to what I'm wearing here. Another plus (ha ha) about the dress is the shimmer effect.

About the necklace - here's the original version here. When dressing up for the Winter Glam Wonderland event hosted by Dani and Bianca, I felt like a choker/necklace was needed.  Also, the color(s) of said choker/necklace had to complement the sparkle of the dress without overwhelming the whole look. So in comes this necklace. However, it was very embellished. So, knowing I was already running late, I plopped my ass down on the edge of my bed, razor blade in hand, and went to work on the necklace. And what you see in these photos is the final result.

Ta da.