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melissa mccarthy seven7 dazzling blue tunic

The coolest place I got to see while in Austin was the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Hands down.

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How did we discover this gem? Good ol' Google. While researching places to visit and eat for our day trip, HOPE Outdoor Gallery was damn near on every Austin to-do list. And we almost didn't go due to time constraints...and hunger. But we pushed through and I'm so happy we did.

The park, while on private property and does have visiting hours, is open to the public. It's used by street artists, muralists, community groups and even art education classes. Also, I think it's used for mini hiking excursions because there's a steep ass hill one must conquer to get to the very top of the mural wall. I'm sure there's an amazing aerial view of Austin from up there but I didn't even attempt to try 'cause 1) wrong footwear and 2) just didn't feel like it. My sister attempted but she also wasn't wearing the right footwear and had to reluctantly abort the mission.

Tunic: Melissa McCarthy Seven7 (still in stock here)
Gladiator Sandals: Torrid

So many words and phrases and imagery.

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