Grammys '17

grammy awards 2017
Celine Dion in Zuhair Murad
This is a pretty green and a pretty dress.
She looks amazing.
Not sure of the matching shoes. Or the random bow.

I was thisclose to not doing a recap because of the highly disappointing red carpet fashion. Yuck. Thankfully, the show was a good one. Something I haven't said about the Grammys in a long, long time.

Oh. Another reason for not wanting to do this post was because of the uninspiring wins given to Adele for her lackluster effort in 25. While I love Adele's talent and her personality, that album bored me, save a couple of songs (Hello not being one of them). So her winning Record, Song, and finally, Album of the Year had me going blah blah and blah. Sweet girl, though. Lemonade should've been the (clear) winner. Even Adele thought so herself. In fact, I would've been fine with Sturgill Simpson winning because that would've been SO the Grammys (examples: Steely Dan winning over Eminem in '01 and Herbie Hancock winning over 'Ye in 2008 and Taylor Swift over Kendrick just last year). But handing it over to Adele was not only beyond predictable, it was stale.

Speaking of Beyonce, her performance was visually stunning. That's all I got. Weirdly enough, I expected more even though it dragged on for what felt like forever. At times I was a bit scared. Felt very juju-ish, very mami wata. Other times, I was rolling my eyes. Like, wowza, Bey is so extra. But she definitely gave us visual art, that's for sure.

As for performances, I was expecting more from the George Michael tribute. Having Adele be the only singer wasn't enough. The Bee Gees tribute was okay to nice. The Prince tribute with the Time and Bruno Mars was fantastic. Oh goodness, Bruno. He is everything. And this isn't me being biased, either. Dude is one talented mofo. And I was extremely happy when he performed my favorite song off the 24K Magic album, That's What I Like. Chance the Rapper makes me smile. Enjoyed his winning speeches and enjoyed his performance. Not gonna lie, Coloring Book took me awhile to get into. Didn't grab me at first. Now? It's pretty cool. Pentatonix getting to briefly perform warmed my stanning heart (3 time Grammy winners, baby!)

Alrighty, that's enough. Fashion time.

Adele in Givenchy
Gorgeous woman.
Not feeling the dress. AT ALL.
It's like she wore a long sleeved bodysuit of a different fabric under an evening gown.
It clashes all in the wrong way. Too many elements.
Glad she didn't wear black, though.
This green color is so blah.

Solange in Gucci
Call me nuts but I really like the hair.
The gold color of the dress looks nice on her.
Love the pleated thigh high slit skirt. The top, not so much.

Demi Lovato in Julien Macdonald
A dress that any Kardashian woman not named Kourtney (and maybe Kendall) would happily wear.
That's not a compliment.

Maren Morris in Michael Costello
Never seen this lady or heard any of her music until last night.
She has a great voice.
Too bad Alicia "Still not wearing makeup even though I'm wearing a glittery jumpsuit" Keys tried to take over their performance.
Anywho, beautiful purple color. But the dress is fug and tacky.
Jennifer Lopez in Ralph & Russo

Rihanna in Armani
I may not be a fan of Rihanna's red carpet style but even I know she could've done better than this.
Looks like a last minute decision.

Andra Day in Christian Dior
She resemblances Rihanna. Like RiRi's older sister or something.
Anywho, this is one dramatic look.
Not sure if I like it or not.
Lady Gaga in Alex Ulichay jacket
Was slightly confused as to why she reverted back to her gimmicky ways.
Then she performed with Metallica and it all made sense.
Elle King in Teuta Matoshi
It's a really pretty dress.
Unfortunately, the tattoos are distracting.
And the matching flower crown wasn't needed.
Jill Scott
Really. She could've just stayed home.
Or go to her 9-5 job 'cause that's how she's dressed.
Katy Perry in Tom Ford
I'm lost.
Don't mind the top portion.
It's the bottom that's a head scratcher.
No to the bleach blonde hair.
Ceelo Green

Did you watch the Grammy Awards? Any thoughts?