A Lil' Bit of Magic

So I packed my DSLR in hope of taking photos of my latest trip to Las Vegas. Yet the only time I remembered to use it was at the Seven Magic Mountains.

And, honestly, I was cool with that decision.

Seeing the Seven Magic Mountains up close was a treat. Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, I discovered this colorful beauty and made sure to add it to my Las Vegas to-do list. Brea was also in town for work so we both went together. It's roughly 20-25 minutes outside of the city. It's literally in the desert. Like, I was getting some Breaking Bad vibes during the drive. Anywho, Seven Magic Mountains stands tall (literally) using the mountains as its backdrop. It's a beautiful sight. And quite serene. Even with the occasional dusty gust of wind.

Sunglasses: Eloquii

The installation will be on view for 2 years! So if you're in the area or visiting, check it out. You won't regret it.