One More Time

dc plus size style
Rockin' Gabifresh x Swimsuitsforall swimsuit from this year's collection.
Look out for a thorough review.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago for a weekend getaway.

While I carried my camera damn near everywhere I went, didn't use it that much. Only for the Seven Magic Mountains because, well, it deserved some clear crisp photography. Besides, I've covered my trips to Las Vegas plenty of times on this blog - herehere, and here.

The main reason for heading out west this time around was to see the Backstreet Boys. Yep yep. I stan for my homeboys: Howie, Brian, Nick, AJ, and Kevin. They are currently doing a residency at Planet Hollywood. The concert was everythang and more. Their professionalism and talent is undeniable. Also, I appreciated the stage set. Every detail was well-thought-out. Seeing women (and men...but mostly women) of all ages singing and dancing along to the hits made my heart swell. And like with every enjoyable concert, I didn't want it to end. The afterparty at Chateau Nightclub was pretty lit, too. Plus I got to see Howie and Nick briefly so that made my night.

Rockin' a Gabifresh x Swimsuitsforall swimsuit from last year's collection.
Look out for a thorough review.

In between all of that, we went to Drai's Beachclub Day Party only to find out, while in the elevator heading to the the party, that my babies, Rae Sremmurd, were performing. Okay, that definitely made my Sunday! I heart those boys. I would've seen them perform live for the first time a couple years ago at The Roots Picnic, but I got a bit sidetracked. Anywho, they are some true entertainers. Fireballs. They bring so much energy to the stage. Can't wait to see them again at the Broccoli Festival next month.

And we've come to the end of my Las Vegas recap. Please enjoy the photos I managed to take with my phone.

Sugar Factory at the Fashion Show Mall
This location has the factory and the restaurant.
The food was delicious. We also tried their infamous Goblets - 60oz. Signature Drinks.
Definitely worth the $30 price.