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African AF Tee
Studio Pleated Metallic Skirt
Oversized Watch (similar)
Side Zip Shoes

I am an African. I am a Nigerian.

Being born and raised in the States, I definitely grew up knowing I was both...and proudly. Thanks to my parents for always instilling that in us from an early age. But that didn't mean the word 'African' didn't sting me a few times. Especially, the way it was thrown around as an insult (The ever popular being 'African Bootyscratcher'. Shaking my damn head). To some, being African - being Nigerian - was something not to be proud of. When kids are teasing you about your 'weird' name and being raised with monkeys and elephants and living in the trees and swinging from said trees (mind you, I was being raised down the same DC streets where they lived), it puzzled the fuck out of me. Clearly, they don't see the Nigeria I've been lucky to see during my times of visiting prior to living there (FYI: lived in Nigeria during my high school years). But, hey, they were young and didn't know any better. Also, I blame the adults in their lives.

My sister gifted me this tee from Okayafrica Shop. And I wore this look to Kid Fury's stand up show last weekend. While his time on stage was a bit short (granted he was on there for 1 hr so I think that's's just me being selfish), it was funny from the jump. That's one talented dude.