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plus size style
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How cute is this shirtdress, tho? I know some ladies were a bit apprehensive of the Blue Stripe Poplin Gathered Waist Dress because of the gathered waist hitting right below the chest and at the stomach, giving off the impression that one was pregnant or gained weight.

Totally didn't phase me.

You know what did? The sleeves. I already don't care much for anything that draws attention to my arms. And this one has a drop shoulder and exaggerated cap sleeves?! Lawd. But I had to suck it up because the dress is just too damn cute.

Per usual, gave into my mixing prints addiction by wearing the animal print shoes. And since the shoes were dark, I went that route with the tote bag. Even though, the color doesn't scream winter/fall to me. Or does it? Whatever. Clearly, I plan to rock it during all four seasons.