Mini Situation

dc plus size style

Well, it's happening.

The heat wave.

It was bound to happen. I mean, we are nearing the middle of June. Plus it's not officially Summer until the 21st. But I kinda was enjoying Mother Nature trippin' us out a bit with cooler-than-usual weather. However, with bipolar weather comes the potential of being sick. And guess who's sick at this very moment? *points to self* Coupled that with the time of the month coming a few days early, this double whammy is seriously trying to take me out the game.

But still I rise.

The higher the temperature, the shorter the skirt. Right? Right. Victoria Beckham's Target line came, saw, and sorta conquered...? I mean, damn near the whole line is on clearance including the Black Satin Photo Floral mini skirt. Paired it with the Tie Waist Top with Cuff for a play with length. And wearing my favorite shoes at the moment, metallic silver Jeweled Pumps.

Felt good that day. Trying to channel that feeling right now cause oooh boy...