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I think the reason why I love the Puff Sleeve Jacquard Dress from Eloquii so much is because it gives me some serious naija outfit vibe.

Basically, an outfit custom made from a Nigerian fabric. Purchased the dress months ago with every intention of wearing it to my cousin's wedding in Letchworth, England. Also, it followed the color theme my mom and her sisters insisted the rest of the family should wear which was blue. Yes, my dress is more of purple but there are some hints of blue. Squint your eyes and tilt your head. It's there.

(l-r) the sis, the cousin, the cousin (and the groom!), the bro, me.
(l-r) the sis, the aunt, the cousin, the aunt, the cousin, the mom, me.
Hey, we tried with the blue theme.

The only thing I didn't care much for was the black knit fabric on the back (not shown here; click above link for a better view). Felt kinda random. I usually prefer my dresses to have the same fabric or print all over. Clearly, it wasn't a deal breaker but a quick side eye is thrown each time I have to look at it. Paired the dress with my trusty embellished Jewelled Pumps to bring out the metallic elements. Definitely got a lot of compliments. I mean, this is a statement dress, for sure. If you decide to purchase, it should be noted that there's no inside lining. On someone with sensitive skin, the texture can be a nuisance. On me, I had no problem.

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