Back Into It

dc plus size style

Back from vacation, I decided to take a blogging break. And since I didn't post much during vacation, save for a bunch of stuff on Instagram Stories, the break felt longer.

Honestly, a part of me wants this break to continue and the other half wants back in. There are a lot of content swirling around in my head. Just have to get my energy up to bring them out. The high of my vacation came crashing down once I landed back into this country. Didn't help that Mother Nature immediately visited, too, so my emotions have been all over the damn place these past two weeks. But looking through the vacation photos reminded me of the fun I had in the UK (Stevenage, Letchworth, London) and Paris. And do I want to share it with you guys.

So, I'm giving myself that extra push to blog. Mainly because I realized that blogging is one of my self-care practices (other practices include listening to music and watching a shitload of dance videos). Now, the whole social media aspect that comes along with it? Not so much. But that's for another day.

Also, if I let my usual non urgent pace take over funny things tend to happen like publishing a recap post of my Houston/Austin trip 5 months later. Or going to events and failing to document it.


ETA 06/08/23: Even though my Boohoo dress is an oldie but goodie, check out similar options here: off the shoulder dresses.