Slip Up

Hey. Y'know what? I damn near didn't want to create a post out of these photos. In fact, I deleted all of the photos I took of this outfit. Why?!!, you may have asked yourself or not.
Oversized Denim Jacket (similar)

Because the yellow lining appeared throughout every photo. Like, every. photo. It annoyed me to no end. I truly felt the photos were a complete waste because of a lil' slip peeking through. Madness, right? Right. Being this frustrated over something that, quite honestly, didn't ruin the photos made me realize that, hey, you're not always gonna have the perfect photos. Then I also realized that, hey, none of the photos that has appeared on this blog, or will soon appear on this blog, will ever be perfect. None. Plus, I tend to be a hard critic (on myself) and zoom in on things that many don't see right away. There's a high chance some of you didn't even notice the slip until I mentioned it. And there'll be others that noticed that shit right away, like me. Arghhh.

Clearly, I'm not over it. But, it's okay. In due time, I'll be. Hopefully.

Styling tip: Don't toss those slip dresses into the summer storage bin just yet. It can definitely be worn in the cooler months. You can layer it over a knit top or turtleneck, you can throw on a denim jacket or cardigan to keep you warm. For this slip dress, I went with a slightly oversized denim jacket because I liked how the blue brought out the blue colors in one of the fishes. Already, I've worn a variation of this outfit a couple of times like on my day trip to Paris and recently to The Prince George's County Fair (recap coming soon). On the feet, I went with my neutral animal print round heels.

Also, don't associate bright colors for only spring/summer. In fact, I enjoy wearing, and seeing people wear, brighter colors during the Fall/Winter.