Cruisin' in a Mazda6

dc plus size lifestyle blogger

I'm back with another car review. Last time it was the Mazda CX-5. This time around, it's the Mazda6.

The midsize beauty I was fortunate enough to test drive for a week is the Mazda6 Grand Touring, which starts at $30,695. I mean, look at the color! So sleek, so gray. And lately, I've been obsessed with the color gray. This color here is called Machine Gray Metallic and it can be yours for an extra fee. But don't worry, the Mazda6 also comes in 3 original colors at no additional cost. What I liked most about the car is the interior. Given that it's a sedan, I wasn't expecting a sport seats design. Makes you feel like you're in race car or something. Love the black, cream, and silver chrome combination. And the seats are made with parchment nappa leather which made for a comfortable ride. 

The car is deceivingly big. In my eyes, the Mazda6 is comparable in size to the Mazda CX-5, which is a crossover. The Mazda6 can definitely function as a family car. 

A pretty nice feature is the fold-down rear seatback for extended trunk use. I failed to get a picture of this but trust me, the space is enormous and came in handy for large multiple shopping trips. Other great features include:
  • Push button start/Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry
  • Traffic sign recognition and active driving display. Features like this truly delights me. I'm such a kid, I swear. Anywho, as soon as the car starts, a small black screen raises up, at eye level above the steering wheel. The display shows how fast you're driving and when the car approaches a traffic sign.
  • Bluetooth handsfree phone and audio. Heads up: to reduce distractions, the car won't allow you to synch; must be done before the drive begins.
  • Auxiliary input jack and usb port. This can be found in the inside center console.
  • SMS text message audio delivery and reply
I truly enjoyed riding the Mazda6. This is my 2nd time driving a Mazda, ever, and I'm very much impressed. When used to driving certain cars, it hard to see yourself driving something else. But my time driving both Mazda vehicles prove that you can't knock something until you try it.