Spirit of Autumn

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ARTECHOUSE is bridging the gaps between art, science, and technology with its immersive and interactive art exhibit called Spirit of Autumn.

Today is the perfect day to post this recap because, dammit, it's finally fall around here! Geez. Took long enough.

Spirit of Autumn is basically a fun way to experience the wonders of the fall season. Once you step into the main room, you'll be surrounded by trees, an array of colorful falling leaves (more on this later) and birds flying across the screens, happily chirping. It's quite a surreal feeling. Depending on what time you attend, it can be a great space to meditate. And something else happens, too: a storm appears when a gathering of people starts to clap loudly. It was pretty darn cool to participate and witness.

Standing in front of one section of the screen produces a shadow image of yourself. In the above photo, that's me and my sister.

Through the Leaves room
The digital leaves on the floor follow your every move as you walk around the space.

You know I was all excited when I found out there was a room where you can decorate your own leaf, which will then appear on the forest installation (next image). We were encouraged to just color and not to put any letters/words.

I'm always here for coloring.

Autumn Dance room
Our bodies always have to be in motion to activate the swirls of colors. The images appear on the walls and floors. Honestly, I think every nightclub and lounge should have this feature.

I definitely wanted to visit their past exhibition, XYZT: Abstract Landscapes, but wasn't able to secure a ticket. Those tickets sold out pretty damn quickly! And I'm pretty sure it'll be the same with this one, too. 

Spirit of Autumn will remain open until November 5. And word on the interactive art streets is that ARTECHOUSE future exhibition will be winter holiday themed. Because, of course. And I can't wait!