The New Neutral

Winter is still here, y'all.  And as much as we don't want to admit the truth, spring season doesn't start until the 20th of this month. But its arrival is near, though. We're just a bit too impatient.

Kate Spade Tote Bag (similar)
I know for me, once it hits March, winter is no longer on my mind. I tend to dress as such, too. Incorporating brighter colors here and there into my outfits. Plus I start wearing a lot of floral. *insert Miranda Priestly's classic sarcastic line regarding florals and spring here* My love for florals simply cannot be denied. It's gotten so bad, I have to force myself not to look at floral prints when shopping.

But the heart wants what it wants.

And rockin' florals with any kind of leopard print is my go-to styling. Leopard print is a neutral color in my eyes. It can be paired with any shade and damn near any print. The high key is to make sure both prints have one or two of the same color scheme. In my look above, the black and tan of the shoes picks up on the black and orange of the dress, which makes the pairing seamless.

Seriously, give it a try. Works like a charm. 

See below for florals + leopard print inspiration: