Love for Metallics

Today's post is dedicated to my love for metallics.

I can't even tell you when this addiction started but I can tell you with confidence this addiction isn't leaving me anytime soon. Blame my addictive personality. The reason why I vibe with metallics so much is because of the extra pizzazz it gives to an entire look. Wearing a tunic dress layered under a denim jacket and stuck on what to wear on the feet? Never fear, metallic oxfords are here! Wanting to go for a casual but dressy look with a cable knit sweater but have no clue what kind of bottom to wear? May I suggest a metallic embellished midi skirt?

The easiest way to incorporate metallics - besides on nails and lips, of course - are with accessories. Especially for those who feel that metallics can be a bit too much. 

Once you get the hang of metallic accessories, it's time to move on to the next level: footwear. This is my bread and butter, right here. I love me some metallic shoes. In fact, I'm currently on the hunt for a pair of sneakers with the right amount of sheen and shine. Anywho, double the fun by pairing a metallic bottom with metallic shoes.

Now we've come to the fun part: metallic apparel! Before diving in head first, start with embellishments and brocade. From there, try a full on metallic skirt or pants or even a dress. And remember to have some fun with color, as well. It doesn't always have to be silver. Finally, for some next level shit, purchase an outerwear piece like a bomber jacket. 

Don't be intimidated by a metallic finish. Think of it as a conversation starter. Because trust me, you will get a compliment or two.