DC JazzFest '18 with Chase

It's been a hot-diggity minute since I've been to a music festival. I mean, it is that time of the year to round up our friends, head to the nearest outdoor venue and listen to the latest tunes while sipping on a drink. 

I got my chance to do just that at the DC JazzFest, c/o Chase. 

Chase is in town and is making its presence known. Officially starting in October, Chase will be opening 70 new branches in DC metropolitan area. With these new branches, it has created over 700 new employment opportunities. The company is committed to fostering business and economic growth in the city, including investments for small business, lending to construct affordable rental housing, and increasing local philanthropic investments. Finally, Chase wants to see what makes Washington, DC highly sought-out. So for the next couple of months, their presence will be seen at exciting events and destinations happening right here in this city.

A great way to start off was at the DC JazzFest.  

This was my first time attending DC JazzFest and I truly enjoyed myself. And I liked that it chose the newly renovated SW Waterfront aka The Wharf as the venue. While I'm more of a pop/hip-hop/rap, one thing I can say about myself is that I'm always open to any genre of music. Music is my happy place; it makes the world go around. Music festivals are a great way to enjoy your favorite music while getting to know/hear new ones. 

It was also my first time attending a concert at the newest DC concert venue, The Anthem. The venue has 3 floors and can house up to 3200 seats and, if needed, 6000 standing room. Insanity, but in a good way. It was here that we had the opportunity to see performances by Robert Glasper Experiment and Leslie Odom, Jr.

One-half of the concert hall at The Anthem
Leslie Odom, Jr.
Ceiling decor made from drum cymbals located in the lobby.
Sculpture by Dan Steinhilber

Thank you, Chase, for a wonderful DC JazzFest experience.