American Visionary Art Museum

This recap post is long time coming. And by 'long time', I mean almost 4 weeks ago. On a beautiful gorgeous Saturday, my friend and I took a ride to Baltimore to visit the American Visionary Art Museum

*long post alert

If you're the type who has a wild and vivid imagination, well, this museum is definitely for you.

Before we even stepped inside, we were blown away by the colorful mosaic art adorned on and around the museum, delightfully called Bling Universe. So naturally, we took a bunch of photos.

Luck was on our side because entry into the museum was free! Apparently it had something to do with Museum on Us, a Bank of America partnership with participating museums nationwide. Basically, on the first full weekend of every month, BoA debit or credit cardholders get one free general admission. Pretty neat.

A recurring theme of this museum is how majority of the art are from local talents, which I thought was pretty cool. Also, these artists are so damn creative. I mean, duh, we're at a museum with 'visionary' in its title. But when you're surrounded by stunning permanent art work showcasing how one in inspired by an idea, now matter how outrageous, I'm inspired.

For those who don't know, a younger Vivi was quite the artist. But then I stopped. Don't know why but I did. Years ago, I registered for an art class just to see if the talent was still within me - it is. However, consistent practice is much needed. And I gotta be honest, I don't see myself honing my skills anytime soon.

For me, seeing someone's passion in an art form is quite exhilarating. (Hence why I enjoy watching American Idol, various singing competition shows like The Sing Off, dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance, dance videos, Chef's Table, Project Runway, etc. Oh man, I just remembered this cool ass Bravo show from back in the day called Work of Art. Bravo, bring that show back!)

And this is why I enjoy visiting museums. So here are the rest of the photos from the American Visionary Art Museum visit. Please, enjoy.

Lunch break at Encantada, located on the top floor of the AVAM. Be warned: this place is a blogger/photographer's dream. So much eye candy!

Once full on food and mimosas, we trekked to their 2nd building. Yep, there's another building filled with more visionary art work. But first, their Wildflower Garden complete with a wooded tree cave. 

Whew. What a museum. It deserves your visit! If only for you to check out the 61 awarded farts in the world.

Yep. That exists.