Get High-Low

Floral High-Low Dress
There was a time when I wasn't a fan of high-low/asymmetrical hems. It just looked so odd to me. Like a record scratch. Why switch up a perfectly fine hem all in the name of being different, of going the fashun route?

Slowly but surely, I've become appreciative of the style detail. I'm more partial to high-low tops because it's like an automatic 'tuck in' situation. Y'know, when you tuck in only the front of your top into your jeans/skirt/shorts/pants for that effortless look. Also, a high-low top works great when paired with a shorter bottom aka shorts or mini skirt. It's an off-balance that just clicks.

I believe the design element brings a touch of flirty and sex appeal to dresses and skirts. Because of the slope of the hemline, the legs are revealed more from the front than the back (party in the front, business in the back.) It's actually a fun piece to wear. And what's fashion without a little bit of fun and cheekiness.

So, yes, I do like a well done high-low/asymmeterical hem. However this won't make me become a fan of the handkerchief hem. Nope. Tried it once, haven't ventured back since.