All White Everything Alternative

Photography by Arielle Lewis Studios

Does the bag look familiar? It should. It was the main subject of my previous post.

Now that's out of the way, let's get into one of the main stylings I've always wanted to attempt but haven't yet succeeded...? I don't know if 'succeeded' is the right word but, still. Anywho, the style is AWE - All White Everything. And this is my very different take using textures (lace) and prints (floral).

Based on this look, you would think I'm a fan of summer. NOPE. While wearing the outfit, all I could think about is how each item would look amazing in fall looks. Yes, I'm bringing up fall even though we're still in August and the whole week here in the DC area was in the high 90s plus humid.

Let me be. Allow me to fantasize about the cooler months ahead.