Right Kind of Mix: Polka Dots and Floral

I'm still incorporating polka dots into my workwear, something I mentioned earlier here.

And this dress is special, too, because it's from Avenue and I haven't shopped at Avenue for well over a year. I blame this on my local location closing down. It was literally right down the street from me and right next to my gym, so I was always in there for no reason, spending my money. But once it closed down, I just stopped shopping at Avenue. (Like there weren't other locations nearby.) But I'm all about convenience when it comes to retail shopping. Plus I prefer to online shop. Speaking of which, you know how you have your go-to websites for online shopping? I never really put Avenue in that category.

Anywho, I found myself near an Avenue recently and decided to check it out. There were a lot of great stuff, especially their dresses! There were some questionable styles and designs (Also, the lack of skirts! Seriously, start producing stylish skirts, Avenue!) but for the most part, I was impressed.

Floral Border Dot Sheath

Recently started working again and honestly, it took me a while to get back into my work style. Shit, it took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that I am working again. Balance is key for me, so having a full-time job while handling my blog full-time just...works. Yep yep. Truly running a blog and treating it as a brand/business is full-time. Meanwhile, after 8 years of having this blog, it was only in the year of twenty-eighteen that I finally said out loud my blog is a business and a brand.

Baby steps, indeed.