It's your girl's birthday!

Even though it's not my forte, I wanted to do a concept birthday shoot. But me being me, I delayed on it...then forgot. Oops.

Thankfully, I have these photos to make up for the procrastination. It was taken on a rainy afternoon and I believe the wetness on the ground and moody overcast made this ASOS dress to just pop. Also, it helps that CityCenter is a gorgeous location.

A friend asked me what my birthday goals are for the upcoming year. It gave me a pause because I didn't have an answer. As I'm typing this, an answer still hasn't come to mind. What I do know is I'm grateful to God for my life. For my family and friends. For this blog and folks like you who continue to check it out. Grateful for the opportunities that have come (and continue to come) due to this blog. 

I will say one goal for the next year is to continue striving in all areas of my life. Be consistent! To not let the down days overwhelm me. I'm in the belief that we all are afforded a day or two to mope and groan and bitch and rant. But the key is not let it extend; dust off those couple of days and come back stronger and more prepared than ever before. Don't let the past overwhelm you, either. The past is the past. Focus on today, the present. Today is a new day. You'd be shocked what you can accomplish in 5 days, one week, a month, a year if you start today to begin. 

So, yeah. Happy birthday to me.