Fashion Tights

Plaid Ruffle Skirt

Around here, the cold weather is creepy in and I am HEATED. But hey, Mother Nature does what she wants to do. And we gotta suck it up.

Grrr. Brrr.

I'm that person who still wear dresses and skirts in the winter. Sometimes, my legs are exposed. But for the most part, tights are worn to keep the stems semi warm. Tights these days have a bit more flair. Hence why it's called 'fashion tights'. From lace to polka dots, fishnet to plaid - fashion tights brings that extra something to a look. I like to wear my fashion tights paired with a printed item. Case in point: plaid skirt with lace fashion tights. A nice play on pattern mixing. 

Below, I've compiled cute fashion tights from some of my favorite brands: